How Conserve Wine

Proper wine conservation is essential in preserving the wine’s quality, taste, and age-worthiness.

Here are some key tips on how to conserve wine properly:

  • Store wine in a cool and dry place. The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 7°-18° (45°F-65°F). Wine should be kept away from direct sunlight and stored bottles horizontally to keep the corks moist.
  • Keep wine away from strong odors. Wine can easily absorb odors, so be careful not to store it near strong-smelling products like vinegar, cleaning agents, or perfumes.
  • Avoid temperature fluctuations. Fluctuating temperatures can adversely affect wine, so it’s important to maintain a consistent temperature. Rapidly changing temperatures can cause wine to expand and contract, which can compromise the aging process of the wine.
  • Store wine bottles in a calm and vibration-free environment. Vibrations and movement can disturb the chemical equilibrium of the wine, impacting the taste and quality of the wine.
  • Drink wine promptly after opening. Once opened, wine begins a different aging process which will eventually compromise the wine’s quality, typically within three to seven days.

By following these essential wine conservation tips and best practices, you can preserve the quality and value of your wines for years to come. Also, keep in mind that different types of wines can have different longevity periods, so it’s important to understand the best way to store your specific bottle of wine.

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