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The Best Pairings: Riesling & Asian Cuisine

When thinking about pairing wines with Asian cuisine, Riesling is often the go-to choice, and for a good reason. Riesling is an incredibly versatile white wine, with its acidity, sweetness, and complex aromatics allowing it to pair well with a wide variety of dishes. Whether you’re enjoying Thai, Vietnamese, or Chinese cuisine, Riesling is a perfect complement.

Here are some reasons why Riesling is an excellent choice to pair with Asian cuisine.

  1. Riesling‘s sweetness
    Riesling wines from Germany typically have a hint of sweetness, which makes it an excellent pairing for Asian cuisine. The sweetness balances out the spice in dishes like Thai curry, the saltiness of soy sauce, and complements the sweetness of hoisin sauce.
  2. The floral and fruity aromas
    Riesling is known for its distinct aromas of peach, apricot, lime, and even petrol, which beautifully matches the fragrant herbs and exotic spices that are standard in Asian cuisine. The brightness of the fruitiness has an excellent contrast with umami-rich flavors of dishes.
  3. Its acidity
    The acidity in Riesling helps cut through the richness of flavorful sauces and greasy dishes like fried rice or stir-fried noodles. The mineral notes in Riesling also balance the sweetness and spiciness in the food, cleansing the palate for the next bite.
  4. Versatility
    Riesling is incredibly versatile, which makes it an adaptable wine that can match a diverse range of Asian dishes. From spicy Thai curries and sweet and tangy Chinese dishes to the bold, umami flavors of Japanese sushi, Riesling pairs well with them all.
  5. Ideal alcohol content
    Riesling wines often have lower alcohol content ranging from 9 – 12%, which makes it an ideal wine for long and intense meals. You can indulge in multiple small plates of Asian cuisine, sipping on a chilled glass of Riesling with each bite without getting too tipsy.

In conclusion, Riesling is an all-time favorite among wine enthusiasts when it comes to pairing it with Asian cuisine. The wine’s sweetness, acidity, and elegant aromatics perfectly complement the diverse flavors of Asian dishes. So, the next time you indulge in your favorite Asian cuisine, don’t forget to uncork a bottle of Riesling and enjoy its delicious flavors with your meal. It’s a pairing that is sure to make your taste buds sing.

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